The members of Bartın University's Erasmus Exchange Student Club, newly founded, came together with the incoming students at a dinner out last weekend. All the students got to know each other and had long talks for 3 hours and took photos. The members, many of whom had been outgoing Erasmus students in Europe previously, shared their memories while they were studying then and talked over the possible events that they could organize for both incoming and prospective outgoing students as a club. 

The academic supervisor of Erasmus Exchange Club, Ins. Burçin KEF, said to all "Thank you for coming tonight and being with us. Erasmus is such a big programme that everybody is here thanks to this programme and most of you have been able to see new countries and cultures. As the club members, you should promote it to all the students at Bartın University, help increase the awareness among possible Erasmus students. One of our aims at this club is to help incoming students get used to living here. I believe that you will do your best to do so." 


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